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Vestas proudly sponsors Cykelnerven 2022

Cykelnerven 2021 was a massive success! Throughout a full year, the Vestas team put in a huge training effort to get ready for the mountains while at the same time fundraising for a world without multiple sclerosis. Colleagues, friends, family, business relations, and friends of Vestas all showed a fantastic support of the challenge we took on.

As we know more is needed, we decided to continue the support and repeat the challenge in 2022 as well. A team of 18 Vestas colleagues will climb the iconic mountains of the 2022 Tour de France, just a few weeks before the actual Tour departs from Copenhagen.

Together with more than 200 Cykelnerven participants, Vestas’ riders will engage in fundraising activities to help fight for a world without multiple sclerosis all while training to get ready to take on the 2022 Tour climbs.

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic disease. There is currently no cure, and unfortunately it is a disease on the rise. Research is our best chance of fighting it. Funds raised for Cykelnerven are spent on research. By donating you are supporting these important efforts.  

We are honored and grateful that you have chosen to support us in our fundraising activities. Your contribution will help make a positive difference for people living with MS. We truly appreciate your support.

Thank you for your contribution.