Danmarks hårdeste velgørenhedsevent

Team Vestas

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Vestas proudly sponsors Cykelnerven

In June 2021 18 bike-enthusiastic Vestas employees will embark on a physical and mental challenge, riding the historical climbs of the Tour de France. 

While preparing for this challenge, biking through the windy Danish winter months and the beautiful spring scenery, Vestas riders, together with more than 200 Cykelnerven riders, are engaging in fundraising activities to help fight for a world without multiple sclerosis (MS). 

MS is a chronic disease. There is currently no cure, and unfortunately it is a disease on the rise. Research is our best chance of fighting it and funds raised through Cykelnerven are spent on research. 

We are honored and grateful that you have chosen to support us in our fundraising activities. Your contribution will help make a positive difference for people living with MS. 

Thank you for your contribution and support.